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2020 NAACP Drive-in Soul Concert Photography

 2020 NAACP Drive-in Soul Music Concert Photography

NAACp Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photography

The NAACP drive-in soul music concert proved to be one bright spot for the Boston city during the difficult COVID times. The event was groundbreaking as it was a COVID safe concert organized, keeping social distancing and other mandates in mind. As a part of the Boston Freedom Weekend 2020, the free concert was held at the UMass Boston Bayside Expo Center parking lot and sent a wave of happiness across the audience. Courtney Boston and DJ Jeff 2Timez hosted the event. Five locals bands and singers performed at the event, and I got a chance to photograph it all. I enjoyed the concert and loved how the event images turned out.

Boston Drive-in Concert Photography

During the drive-in concert, everyone had to wear a mask and stay within their socially distanced parking spots. It was great to feel normalcy, even for a brief period during the pandemic.

My favorite part of the night was when a recorded video statement of U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressly was played on the screen. She’s a local and national hero, so the entire crowd heard every word very intently. Athene Wilson, The Creatives, The Roots Alley Collective, Danny Rivera, and The Woo Factor performed at the soul music concert and entertained the audience to spread joy. Overall, it was a fantastic event. A special shout-out to Conan Harris.

Flavio D Photography

I had a lot of fun shooting the NAACP drive-in concert as there were so many happy faces around me. Happy people, or just people, to be specific, are the reason why I also love doing wedding photography. I have years of experience in this field, and if you want to see my work, check out my wedding photography portfolio. You can also visit my Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter account to see my work. For an in-depth insight into my journey as a photographer and my business practices, you can read this blog here.


NAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photographyNAACp -Drive-in Soul Concert flavio d photography

Featured Boston Event Vendors

  1. Event management: CJ Strategies –      
  2. Stage, lighting & A/V: Boston Pro Sound 
  3. Talent procurement: Royal
  4. Catering: BRED
  5. Endless Flair: Event Gift boxes
  6. Shooter love: Elias Miranda Productions


Ashley & Dilson Woodland Park Zoo Wedding

Woodland Park Zoo Wedding Flavio D Photography

Ashley & Dilson’s September wedding at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington was an amazing event. It was a blast being their wedding photographer.

Since this was a destination wedding for me, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet the bride until the day my plane touched down in Seattle. The love between Ashley and Dilson was immediately evident the first time I saw them together. When a couple is this much in love, it makes my job as a traveling wedding photographer that much easier!

Destination Wedding Photography

Spending time with the bride, groom and their wedding party at the rehearsal dinner gave me an opportunity to get to know everyone. I was lucky to sit next to the bride’s parents, Tom and Leanne, during the rehearsal dinner. They made me feel like family, which makes my job easier. When you’re traveling as a wedding photographer to capture destination wedding photography, it’s easy to feel like you aren’t as connected to the bride, groom and their family. But Tom and Leanne were great. They live on an island off the coast of Washington, which I think is the most awesome things ever.

Another awesome thing was Dilson’s bond with his Marine Corps buddies turned best men, Marc and Charles. Their friendship was authentic as friendships get. You’d think they were biological brothers. It’s true what they say about Marines being a band of brothers. Their unselfish commitment to each other and was inspirational. Thank you for your service, gentlemen.

Ashley and Dilson’s Woodland Park Zoo Wedding

Since most of my work as a fine art wedding photographer is in Boston, Seattle was such an amazing change of backdrop for me. Of course, it helps that Ashley and Dilson live in a gorgeous, newly built Seattle skyscraper with a 360-degree view of the city. They have a direct view of the waterfront, the Seattle Space Needle and the iconic Public Market Center. 

I mean c’mon, it was one of the most jaw dropping backdrops I’d ever seen. As a Boston wedding photographer, I am no stranger to waterfront views, but this was spectacular. The bride and groom got ready in adjacent sun-drenched somewhere in the clouds. It was unique, to say the least.

Probably my favorite part of Ashley and Dilson’s wedding day was their first look. This first look was probably the highest altitude first look ever. It took place on a footbridge connecting one part of the couple’s Seattle high rise building to another. I had my second shooter, Tamara Lewis, go the top of an adjacent building to shoot an amazing wide shoot of the first look. It was high end wedding photography at its finest. Or, more specifically, high up wedding photography.

I loved the creativity that Ashley and Dilson had in their wedding venue selection. Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo was such a unique location for a wedding ceremony and reception. With all the wild animals and tropical foliage, their ceremony backdrop was like something straight out of the Lion King. 

When it came to the reception, I was blown away. I’d heard that Ashley and Dilson met in the Kizomba dance scene, but I didn’t know how talented they were until they danced for the wedding video we shot. This popular genre of dance and music is slow and romantic, with a sensuous beat. It was unbelievable to see how these two danced together. 

Ashley and Dilson, thank you so much for asking me to be your wedding photographer. It was such a pleasure to document your unique Seattle wedding and I wish you both the best in your life together as husband and wife!

Wedding Vendors:

Brides Dress : Lovers Society (Designer) and was purchased at Lovely Bride (Boutique)

Hair Comb-Etsy (Store name: BestForBrides)

Cake Artist: Serenity Sweets

Shout out to Althauser Design for the beautiful Florals

A special shout out to Lancer Hospitality & Lancer Catering who proudly hires military veterans


Anita and Bill Beacon Hill Photography Session

Beacon Hill Pre Wedding Session Flavio D Photography

I met up with Anita and Bill on November 4th for a pre-wedding photo shoot at Beacon Hill in Boston, MA.

Even though this photo shoot looks like a wedding photography session, it actually wasn’t. Anita had asked me to do this session this way because she was pregnant, and they wanted to do a photo shoot before she started to show! They also wanted to incorporate the city of Boston into their photography shoot. So, we met up and wandered around Beacon Hill, getting both the beautiful city and the beautiful bride in full focus!

Beacon Hill Pre-Wedding Photography Session

Anita and Bill actually got married a few weeks later when they eloped in Hawaii, but they wanted to have their photography reflect something a little closer to home. Our Beacon Hill photography session was a wonderful way for them to capture the look and feel of Boston in the fall. Bill donned a suit and Anita wore a stunning Pronovias gown, and now they have the gorgeous late autumn shots from their pre-wedding shoot to contrast with their tropical elopement. The best of both worlds, right?

Beacon Hill is a neighborhood infused with Boston style. Its narrow, gas lit streets and brick sidewalks provided the perfect backdrop to capture that Boston feeling in their photography. I loved how the turning leaves and the classic federal style townhouses gave these images a positively New England vibe. And that couldn’t be better for Anita and Bill. They are truly the type of people you’ll meet once and never forget.

Bill & Anita, thank you for asking me to do this pre-wedding shoot for you. I loved getting to know you, and I know that you are going to be such amazing parents when you get to meet Baby Callagy and become a family of three!

Beacon Hill Pre Wedding Session Flavio D PhotographyBeacon Hill Pre Wedding Session Flavio D PhotographyBeacon Hill Pre Wedding Session Flavio D PhotographyBeacon Hill Pre Wedding Session Flavio D Photography



For the second year in a row I am excited, honored and humbled to receive this honor. It’s a much needed morale boost for me right at the tale end of wedding season when things are winding down. Thank you to all that voted and all those who continue to tell others about my work. This is a huge honor because it took many votes from my supporters, clients and peers.


Evelyn + Scott Shirley-Eustis House Wedding


This wedding holds much emotional weight for me. Not only was the groom a childhood friend of mine but I spent most of my childhood playing on the grounds of the venue. I never imaged I’d someday return to the Shirley Eustis House to shoot wedding.

Yes Scott the groom is a handsome charismatic young man but he is way out of his league by marrying his stunning, intelligent bride Evelyn. You can tell by the way he looks at her that his love for her is endless. Couples like them are the reason I love me job.

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